Berkeley Analytical Aces German BAM Round-Robin Test for VOC Emissions

Jan 13, 2017

Berkeley Analytical successfully completed the 2016 German BAM (Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing) round robin test for VOC emissions. BAM sponsors an international inter-laboratory study of VOC emissions using small-scale chambers and Indoor Air Quality ISO Standards 16000-9 and 16000-6. BAM started the program in 2009 and conducts the ILS every two years. This year, the VOC emission source was a lacquer spiked with known amounts of eight chemicals. There were 49 participating laboratories from the EU, the USA and China. Each laboratory’s results were graded for acceptance using z-scores. Berkeley Analytical’s results for all eight VOCs received the top z-score ranking. Berkeley Analytical uses this ILS as part of its quality management system to demonstrate the validity of its test results. Based on the results for this and all previous BAM ILS studies, Berkeley Analytical continues to qualify as a testing laboratory for the German Blue Angel product certification program.