Analytical Lab Services

Berkeley Analytical (BkA) has been providing laboratory services related to indoor environmental quality (IEQ) and other environmental topics since 1989. BkA’s goal is to deliver trustworthy, actionable results to product manufacturers, supply chain organizations and other professionals. Our services are backed up by our commitment to quality. In fact, nearly all of the standards we utilize are within the scope of our ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation. BkA’s specialties include:

VOC Emissions Testing

Testing of indoor building products & furnishings for emissions of volatiles using environmental chambers

Formaldehyde Testing

Testing of composite woods & other products for formaldehyde emissions & content

Phthalate/SVOC Analysis

Testing of toys, other products & materials for their content of phthalate esters & SVOCs; analysis of field-collected air & wipe samples

Flame Retardant Analysis

Analysis of halogenated flame retardants in furniture & consumer products

Building Studies

Analytical services for building investigations & LEED commissioning – Thermal desorption GC/MS & HPLC

Specialized Chemical Analysis

Analytical services for research projects & product development