Quality Control

Manufacturers who make self-declared claims regarding the environmental performance of their products or who engage third-party certifiers to support their claims should follow the principles of ISO Standard 14021. These requirements specify that such claims be: based on scientific evidence; accurate; verifiable; and updated if circumstances alter their accuracy. In essence, the standard requires that a manufacturing quality system be in place to support the claim. Most manufacturers have well developed quality systems, but these may not extend to chemical attributes, particularly for non-formulated products such as flooring and furniture.

Manufacturers are discovering that they need to have documented quality control (QC) plans that cover the important chemical questions such as VOC emissions and the content of chemicals of concern. These QC plans may include in-plant quality control testing and/or other procedures to demonstrate continuing compliance of products. The plans also must extend beyond the production facility to include the supply chain. We plan to discuss developing resources designed to help manufacturers meet these new challenges.

Blog articles related to quality control in manufacturing to ensure products meet specific environmental criteria will be posted here.

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