Why Product Manufacturers Need toKnowAbout Chemicals of Concern?

Restricted substances lists containing chemicals of concern are proliferating around the globe and are impacting product manufacturing in the U.S. and elsewhere. These lists typically originate with authoritative bodies such as government agencies. By reference and by direct incorporation, chemicals of concern lists are frequently written into the environment and health sections of industry specific sustainability standards.

Transparency on Chemical Content

Manufacturers also are increasingly being asked by customers to be “transparent” about the chemical content of their products often down to very low concentration levels. Building product and commercial furniture manufacturers typically don’t have the information they need to earn all of the chemistry related points in sustainability standards or to provide definitive answers to chemical questions on customer questionnaires. Some of the required information can be obtained from suppliers and other data must be obtained by chemical analysis; but, it must be gathered systematically. Building product and furniture manufacturers can learn from the experience of others such as the automobile manufacturing industry that has been required to respond to chemical regulations on a global scale.

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