IgCC Progress

We’ve been following the development of the International Green Construction Code (IGCC) due to be released in final form in early 2012. Additionally, we’ve commented on the two public version drafts. Two weeks ago, the International Code Council (ICC) held a hearing in Dallas, TX to address proposed changes to the IGCC Public Version 2.0 draft. Some of the proposed changes were quite significant and had the potential to directly impact manufacturers of building products used indoors.

Prior to the hearing, Berkeley Analytical prepared and posted a table that summarized the numerous proposed changes to Sections 806 and 809 dealing with product VOC emissions and VOC content restrictions and requirements. Immediately following the hearings, the ICC released the general results. We’ve now updated our table to show the disposition of the indoor air quality proposals; download it here. The large majority of the proposals were declined. These results will be incorporated into the next public version to be released on June 27. The table below gives the schedule of events leading up to the publication of the IGCC standard in March 2012.



Report of Public Hearing Posted June 27, 2011
Deadline for receipt of Public Comments August 12, 2011
Public Comments Final Action Agenda Posted September 16, 2011
2011 IGCC Final Action Hearing Schedule TBD
2011 Final Action Hearing November 2-6, 2011 (Phoenix, AZ)
2011 Final Action Hearing Results November 11, 2011
2011 Summary of Final Action on all Code Changes November 18, 2011
Publish IGCC 2012 March 2012

The schedule, along with downloads and other information about the code, can be found on the ICC website, here.

Al Hodgson; June 2, 2011

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